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Debt Placement

Our Global Presence

Debt is the most preferred and cost effective source of funding for Corporate India.


We possess the expertise in structuring financial transactions, customized to clients’ needs and in raisings funds through multiple lenders/investors.

Our large Lender/Investor base, coupled with our transaction expertise, enables us to consummate large & complex transactions..

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Project Finance/ Term Loans
    Long-term finance for capital expenditure to set up a green field project or to increase existing capacity.
  • Working Capital Finance
    Short-term finance to fund the gap in operating cycle to attain business scalability by freeing-up internal accruals to fuel future growth.
  • External Commercial Borrowings
    Cost-effective long-term finance, denominated in foreign currency, to fund capital expenditure in Infrastructure and Manufacturing space.
  • Structured Products
    Finance against specific cash inflow/ assets to increase the scope of financing by customizing financing structures as per business needs.
  • Mezzanine Funding
    High-yield debt with equity option for special business needs in the form of last-mile funding, subordinated debt, etc. It has benefits of equity but the cost is substantially lower.
  • Acquisition Financing
    Long-term finance to fund inorganic growth/ diversification through domestic or international acquisitions.
  • Long-term Corporate Bonds/NCDs/ FCDs
    Cost effective long-term finance for rated corporate through issuance of bonds/ debentures in debt market.
  • Short-term Corporate Bonds/CPs
    Cost effective short-term finance for rated corporate through issuance of commercial paper in debt market.